23 year old Political Science Major at UWG.  I’m minoring in Economics and I plan to work on a masters in Economics once I graduate and find a school I can afford.  I really became interested in politics about two years ago.  Really didn’t care a whole lot until then.  The defining moment of my awakening to political awareness came when I heard on the radio about the Healthcare Act passed by President Obama forcing people to buy health insurance.  I haven’t had health insurance for 3 years at the time and I knew this is something that is not right. The government shouldn’t force anyone to do anything, I thought. So I quickly became knowledge hungry and started reading.  One of the first books I read was David Horowitz’ autobiography “The Radical Son.” A very moving book about the life story of an economist/thinker/philosopher who tried for most of his life to make communism work.  Ultimately he determined that it can’t.  A very moving book.  I’m a bit behind the times, and I’m slowly learning that Republicans can be just as bad as Democrats sometimes and often it’s easier to point out their similarities as the list tends to be much larger.
At the moment I feel like there is a great big political awakening happening.  We won’t know for decades, but I really feel like something big is happening here.  All I know is that I stand for maximum individual liberty, personal responsibility, and I don’t back down on those principles when it comes to the 3rd rail.  I define myself as a Libertarian, and am often called a Republican pretending to be a re-badged neo-conservative.

Call me what you will, just know this: There are an infiinite number of facets to political opinion. And as far as I’m concerned there are less than a dozen applicable political labels.

This is where I will be posting my rants, information, and controversial but hopefully sensible opinions and facts.


(i.e. Adam)