It never ceases to amaze me how nosy people get when they see me wearing a pistol.  I can understand a mild degree of curiosity, but to brazenly confront someone you dont know when you DO know they are armed seems a bit foolish…   especially when you suspect they are up to no good, because lets face it:  If you DIDN’T, you wouldn’t be quite so curious, now, would you?   Dont worry, I have a permit, and practice my right to keep and bear arms in a perfectly legal fashion.  Here are some of the questions people have asked me and the answers I have given them.  You will find some of them more amusing than others. (And yes.  I really said these things.)

“Is that a real gun?”  No, it’s a water pistol filled with malt vinegar in case I get attacked by a plate of fish and chips.

“Why are you carrying a gun?”  To protect myself from curious bystanders.

“Is that loaded?”  Well, if it isn’t, I’ll just tell the bad guy where I could have shot him and he’ll run away.

“Is that for self-defense?”  No, I use it to signal my wife on the other side of the mall when my cell phone battery dies.

“Isn’t it illegal to carry a gun out in the open like that?”  It sure is.  You should call the police immediately and report me.  Oh, and if they hang up on you, call them back over and over.  They are just making sure you’re not pranking them.

“Do the police hastle you about wearing that gun like that?”  They did, once.  I doubt they will again.

“Are you gonna shoot someone?”  Only if they really want me to.

“Is that really neccessary?”  Well, nobody texted me this morning telling me the world was a safe place and all my worries were over, so yes.

“Have you ever shot anyone with that?”  Not this one, no.

“Can my husband carry like that?”  Yes, and so can you. 

“Are you a cop?”  Nope.  And if something goes down, I wont NEED a cop.

“What, do you think someone’s gonna rob you?”  Not likely, pal.  Not likely.

“Why dont you wear that concealed? It wouldn’t freak people out if they couldn’t see it.”  Well, the only people it freaks out are the people who dont realize they have the same rights as I do. 

“Do you just wear that to scare people?”  Yes.  Potential muggers, yes.

“So, what, you think you’re some kind of badass walking around with a gun?”  Yes and yes. 

“What’s that for?”  making holes in criminals. 

Okay, that’s all I can remember for now…   I DO encourage all who can to not only support the second ammendment, but to PRACTICE it as often as possible.  The more people carry, the more comfortable society as a whole becomes with it.  The more people become aware of their rights, the less they will be willing to hand them over to the government in exchange for something they have no guarantee of.