Saw this on the Bastiat Institutes’ Facebook page and it inspired me to do a little writing:

“The essential quality of a free economy is that it cannot be planned. It leaves the solution of problems to the inspiration of the individuals in the untrammeled population. When something approaching a free economy has existed, it has always worked better than the schemes of any planners.”
— Thomas H. Barber

This is a topic I delve into quite often. Planning has been the norm all around the globe for over a century, if not longer. The battle of ideas between Hayek and Keynes was tragically won by politicians prescribing tot he idea that you can buy success and power without doing any work or production for it.  Maybe it’s time to expand the 1st Amendment beyond the realm of religion and into the realm of economics as well. I know government, politics, and economics are literally inseparable, but we all have dreams don’t we?

With Ben Bernanke going on live television today to yammer on about how QE (Quantitative Easing) should bolster the markets and round out a global economic recovery, I figured the topic is spot on if any of you watch any of the business networks like Bloomberg, Fox Business, or read Business Insider and Forbes.

Since all I do is talk and explain numbers and relationships on my radio program, I never pass up the opporunity for a good chart, borrowed from a good research organization:












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