All of the post-Wisconsin news and debates have been pretty interesting.

Here is a great bit of own-sauce from RedState writer Moe Lane:

I would like to offer these words of comfort. When you progressive/liberal/Democratic activists look back on your quest to begin the Wisconsin recall movement, I want you to appreciate the amazing amount of work that you spent on it. You called. You networked. You wrote letters and blog posts. You contributed to opposition groups. You reached out, and found people just like you, and you banded together to fight. You marched, and you stormed the state capital, and you were arrested.  And you kept going, and calling, and struggling, and you put your time, your money, and every atom of your being on the line. For some of you, this was your finest moment. You fought for this. You fought so hard for this.

Oddly enough, I didn’t do any of that, but I won anyway. That’s because you suck, and I don’t.

Well, I didn’t say that they were words of comfort for you.

And I have to say we can’t be surprised to see a response like this out of the Daily Kos(Warning!!** Vulgar**!!)    Shame shame.

Amidst all of the talk about Wisconsin of course the President and his competition are brought into the fray and the topic of buying elections comes up.

In Wisconsin unions spent millions, Democrat groups spent millions, the Tea Party spent millions, Americans for Prosperity spent millions, and both the Democratic and Republican governors Association spent millions. Millions were spent several times over on both sides.

Somehow, if Romney wins he’ll be accused by the left of buying the election. Even though Obama spent more than McCain did in 2008, and will probably spend more than Romney in 2012.  Both candidates could spend over $1 Billion on the 2012 campaign, shattering all records ever. If both are spending billions, who is buying the campaign? The one that spends $50 million more? Don’t make me laugh.