If you’re a big dork like me, and you pay attention to polling trends the Newt Gingrich victory should have been no real surprise.  He had lots going for him:

1) Upward trend heading into the week of  1/16

2) As expected, good debate performance on 1/17

3) Not surprising, best and most entertaining debate probably in history on 1/19.

Add 1 egg, stir, and you get Newt Gingrich winning handily:

With 13 precincts still uncounted Sunday morning, 601,166 votes already were recorded, topping 2000’s turnout of 537,101 and well ahead of 2008’s 445,499 voters. Earlier in the week, officials had projected a moderate turnout about equivalent to the 2008 primary.

And the vote totals for the individual candidates were just as intriguing. Saturday’s winner, Newt Gingrich, collected 243,153, and second-place finisher Mitt Romney won 167,280. Both of them exceeded 2008 winner John McCain’s total.

And that also means Mr. Romney did far better than his own 2008 performance here, when he won just 68,142 votes en route to a fourth-place finish.

Love, like, or hate the guy.  He is winning and fully in the Charlie Sheen context.

If you haven’t checked out this site, it’s worth checking out with some frequency. Of course, that is after you’ve poured through every post since it was created. Trust me, it’s worth it. Great made up captions of Newt.