Hello everyone!

My name is Nathan Fuller and as of today, I am the new Political Contributor to the Libertariat Word Press. It will be my pleasure to put my perspective in place on the issues that affect us today. I am a politics buff so expect to see my posts a lot on this page on various subject matters.

About me: I am a Political Science major at the University of West Ga, though I have taken a strong interest in Economics. I am into reading books on Austrian economics, individual liberty, and government in general. I aspire to run for office after I graduate. Since I’m getting closer to graduating, that may be in the near future! My greatest political influences on my Conservative views would have to be Thomas Jefferson, Frederic Bastiat, and Dr. Ron Paul.

Be sure to hit up my Word Press page from time to time, I may post some independent stuff sometimes. It is nfullerpatriot.wordpress.com. Thank you and I look forward to contributing my services.