Here’s the show from this morning.

The first bit of the show is the very rare stint on local politics. I tend to avoid local political commentary is it tends to get me in trouble as a reporter later on. Also, my county generally has a pretty solid bunch of folks running the local show. Something I hope for in fixing our big government woes is to start by moving big federal or big state programs to the local level so that the bureaucrats and elected officials are much more easily accessible. It’s much easier to knock on Kevin Cooke’s door, for example, than Johnny Isakson’s.
Follow up to the pre-New Hampshire primary show discussing the results, the polling of the candidates, and the future of the GOP primary. I find it very interesting that the “Tea Party” can manage to launch 60+ Republicans into the house and nearly take the senate, and manage to have a “front-runner” who is the prime figurehead of the State plan upon which Obamacare was mimicked. It just doesn’t make sense.