Unemployment went down today. Quit cheering, employment is down and has been, albeit, only slightly getting better.  The media is going to start telling us now how “it’s the trends” that matter before an election. No president (with the exception of FDR) has ever been re-elected with an unemployment higher than 7%.


People will be quick to criticize the beginning date of the Decline occuring under a Republican president. One key thing to remember:

Daniel Mitchell has long used the term “Bush-Obama” recession. The decline did begin in 2006, his point is that the recovery has been anything but “stellar.”

In this article Dan very sharply criticizes the bad policies of Bush.

Here’s a “Bush/Obama” video. Practically praising Clinton in contrast to his criticism of Bush [b]and[/b] Obama.

Lastly, let’s remember Democrats controlled the House and Senate for most of the decline, if you’d like to see that flip. No one ever likes to mention that Clinton’s surpluses were under a Republican Congress. The first Republican Congress in half-a-century.

I know you like charts, Remember the 2006 elections where Democrats took control of the House and senate?

Not saying either party has a pristine history of fiscal policy, just trying to provide a little clarity and perspective.