They really couldn’t pick a better headline than House Republicans Cave on Payroll Tax Cuts Extension

House Republicans Cave on Payroll Tax Cut Extension

The Republican house passed a bill that extended the tax cuts for a year, and permitted an agreement on the Keystone Pipeline which would create thousands of jobs.  The senate wouldn’t pass it, so the Senate passed an amended version back to the house with a 2 month extension for the tax cuts and no Keystone agreement.

2 days is all it took for Republicans to cave on this issue. You have got to be kidding me.  The president gave an 8 minute speech today that was easily the most demagogic and weightless speech I’ve ever heard anyone give.

In typical President Barack Obama fashion, we get half-a-dozen nebulous sob stories that are supposed to move us: “That $40 per month lets Jimmy have pizza with his daughters, that $40 per month is 3 days of heating oil for John Doe.”  But he’ll have oil the other 27 days. “I don’t know about you, but tell John Doe you don’t like the payroll tax cut after you’ve slept in a house with no heat for a few days.”

This is what politics has really become? Really?  I’m not sure the world has hope any more.

I spent 11+ years in an old Victorian late 1800’s farm house growing up that had heat, but we never ran it because the bill was $600-800 per month thanks to the ancient central heating unit the house had.  I know exactly what it’s like to have nothing but a plug in kerosene heater in a few rooms of the house.

Here’s what you need to know, since the President flat out lied.

1) House Republicans passed a 1 year deal with tax cuts and an agreement which would create tens of thousands of jobs in the reciprocal effect of the importation of Canadian shale and refinement in Texas.

2) Democrats in the senate and some Republicans didn’t like the keystone deal, so it was voted down.

3) The Senate returned an amended bill with a 2 month tax cut extension.

See, the President wants John Doe and Jimmy do only have these nebulous consumer goods for 2 months, and House Republicans are evil for wanting John and Jimmy to enjoy their pocket change for a whole year.

Republicans deserve what they are dealt if this is how they handle the absurd rhetoric and political gaming being handed to them by the administration. Ridiculous.