A woman seriously put her 4 year old child on train tracks as part of the Occupy Movement’s effort to usurp the freedoms of others.


This is one of the many things that are destroying the occupy movement.  The minute you get a reputation on a national level, that reputation trickles down to the local level.

So now we’ve heard dozens of stories about sexual assault, rape, theft, property destruction, public defecation, child molestation, and at least 2 persons I’ve heard of that were found dead in their tents.

If you’re not an anti-capitalist movement, you need to be very clear about that.  Be polite in your protest.  Don’t yell in public places to get attention.  The Human Mic thing is probably the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever heard.  It is not trendy.  Don’t trash other peoples property rights or other individual liberties to get your message across.  Read up a little on Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X.  Look at whose message succeeded.

This is why the “buy local” movement needs to become it’s own thing.  If you want to encourage real capitalism you need to start your own free market movement.

Or join the Libertarians.