“We want to look not only at the “seen” of government spending, but we also want to look at the “unseen” of how the money otherwise would have been allocated. What modern economists sometimes refer to as the “opportunity cost” …The relevant question, from an economic perspective, is whether the government can utilize resources more efficiently and productively than the private sector. Needless to say, there are not many types of government spending that meet this test.”

It should be noted that America’s anemic economic performance in recent years is not solely Obama’s fault. As the White House repeatedly points out, he inherited a downturn. That is completely accurate. My complaint, however, is that Obama promised hope and change but instead has exacerbated the big government policies of his predecessor.

I’d also like to point out something often forgotten, that Democrats have been in control of much of the goings on in Washington since 2007.   The economic downturn really ramped up after the minimum wage increase, housing reform, and other financial reform passed through a Democratic congress. Not to say that Bush and many republicans didn’t sign off or originate any of those interventions, just saying lots of government intervention was being done right up to the downturn.