Now, no candidate is perfect. But I knew from the very beginning that my good old buddy Herman Cain was going to do well in the Presidential race.  I liked him and Ron Paul the most from the very beginning, but I love rooting for the under-dog and Herman is certainly the underdog even still.  However that underdog is now polling at the top in two credible polls. In the PPP poll Herman is now leading by a significant 30% over Romney’s 22%, and Gingrich and Perry close ayt 3rd with 15% and 14%, respectively.

And from Politico on the NBC/WSJ poll:

The WSJ/NBC poll that just came out shows yet another front-runner in a fluid race: Herman Cain.

Cain is leading the national poll with 27 percent. Mitt Romney gets 23 percent, and Rick Perry gets 16 percent, according to early numbers.

I hate to say: “I told you so.” I’ve really been rooting for  this guy since he announced his candidacy. I’ve mentioned him  many times on my radio program from the very beginning and made note of my support and knowledge of his background.  Do I agree with him 100%? No. There will never be a perfect candidate. Humans are inherently flawed and all of us are different and expect different things from our representatives.  However, he is the most Reagan-esque of the bunch and that is what the GOP voters are looking for. They are disenchanted at the garbage bin full of big-heart-big-government conservatives they’ve gotten in the last 20 years.  As Herman Cain says: “Every politician in Washington generally has vast political experience. How’s that working out for you?”
The pizza man is making pizza faced kids out of the rest of the pack. You go, Herman.