Sorry I haven’t posted much recently. I’m ultra behind on my reading for class and I really needed to catch up. Thought I’d share with my audience an excerpt I just read in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. The more I read of this book the harder it is to put down. It’s a slow starter, but the plot thickens and it really hooks you.

“She did not want to think, but the sound of thought went on, like the drone of the motors under the sounds of the engine. She looked at the cab around her.The fine steel mesh of the ceiling ,she thought,and the row of rivets in the corner, holding sheets of steel together – who made them? The brute force of men’s muscles? Who made it possible for four dials and three levers to hold the incredible power of the sixteen motors behind them and deliver it to the effortless control of one man’s hand?
These things and the capacity from which they came -was this the pursuit men regarded as evil? Was this what they considered an ignoble concern with the physical world? Was this the state of being enslaved by matter? Was this the surrender of man’s spirit to his body?
She shook her head , as if she wished she could toss the subject out of the window and let it get shattered somewhere along the track….She did not have to think, because these questions were only details of a truth she knew and had always known. Let them go past like the telegraph poles. The thing she knew was like the wires flying above in an unbroken line. The words, for it , and for this journey,and for her feeling, and for the whole of man’s earth, were: It’s so simple and so right!