So if we’re releasing our strategic oil reserves now, what are we going to do in a time of crisis? What do we do if there is a literal oil shortage and we just don’t have any because we released it at an earlier date because $3.80-4.00 a gallon wasn’t popular? 100% political move that puts our county at a certain security risk if there is a real shortage in the near future.  As of today gas is averaging closer to $3.45 a gallon, much nicer, but the progressive statists in Chicago are making sure gas is still expensive at $4.07 for its fine residents.  How fair is that? Don’t poor people use a larger portion of their income on fuel than wealthy people? And isn’t taxing it then regressive and more painful to the poor? Can’t wrap my head around it. They want to help the poor people, these statists, but they can’t see the forest for the trees.  If Americans really want to grasp oppressive fuel and driving costs maybe they should Google what its like to own a car and drive in the U.K. or France, where gas is often over $10/gallon and getting a custom license plate can cost $10,000 or more.   Not to mention there is a tax for driving in the downtown areas of many cities.