There are my program notes for my radio show for tomorrow.  Enjoy the sneak peak.

Illegal Immigration

-Saw a news story a few days ago where the reporter was interviewing a legal immigrant who runs a store with his wife. They repair small motors like those found in lawn equipment and sell mostly hardware and feed from what I could tell.  When asked about the new immigration bill they were quick to say that everyone is scared of the new law, BOO HOO, and many immigrants have moved, quit working, or just disappeared altogether. Shops have closed due to lack of employees and their business has slowed significantly.

-Gee, I wonder why a bunch of immigrants have moved now that local law enforcement now has the authority to check their immigration status.

-Why would legal citizens leave? Quit their jobs and move in this economy? Unlikely.  I’d say there is a pretty good shot that all of these immigrants in Arizona and Georgia who have picked up and moved are probably not legal.

-I have a hard time imagining all of these hard working, nice, innocent people, are leaving because they’re afraid to show their driver’s license IF they get pulled over. Has it occurred to anyone that they’re leaving because they’re illegal and now they think they’ll get caught AND something will be done about it? Maybe that’s what it is. Nonsense.


Every cut in the Federal budget has some pain or some special interest group that suffers. If America does not bite the bullet and accept shared sacrifice then we are all doomed. How can anyone make a genuine call for a balanced budget yet not be willing to make any meaningful budget reductions?

There are essentially only a few ways to fix Medicare.

-Cut benefits

-Increase taxes

-Or remove the program entirely.

Democrats want to establish a federal health board to decide who does and doesn’t receive health care, republicans want to send seniors a check and let them purchase their own healthcare. Ideally the check being equally to the average cost of healthcare for seniors in your area. Democrats already cut $500 Billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare. Don’t forget that little detail.

I would also argue that there is a free market option in there. Like HSAs and Catastrophic plans for healthier seniors.  There are many fundamental problems with health insurance in general that has led to this problem.  Families spend anywhere between $700-1200 a month on eating and drinking.   Hunger is an ever-present disease, why don’t we insure it? We know we’re going to get hungry, just like we know we’re eventually going to get sick. Yet we complain big time about paying for health insurance.  I’m sure a lot of the people complaining about healthcare costs probably have car payments, eat well, and go to the movies a dozen times a month. Not all of them but I’m sure a few do. Financial success is all about the choices that you make. It’s all a matter of economics, the science of decision-making. A janitor earning $24,000/year can be a millionaire when he retires if her/she would commit $100 a month to a decent indexed mutual fund and lived a modest life.  I know it’s hard, but life is hard. This myth that everything should be taken acre of by the government is just

-Insurance had two directions it could go.  Major medical, or supplemental. Cadillac plans.

-We don’t like the idea of paying anything for healthcare, with good reason, if we spend $1200 a month for our family plan I wouldn’t enjoy paying a $35 or $50 co pay either, or $70 for a prescription.  Insurance has made insurance more expensive. It’s a natural effect of the removal of competition from the marketplace.

-When you get sick, do you shop around for a doctor’s office or Hospital? Sure you don’t. This is one of the many things that drive the cost of healthcare up.  You pay the same co pay wherever you go for healthcare.


It’s not the government’s job to invest in the people of the United States of America, as the president said on Wednesday on Libya. Sure we’ve invested Trillions of dollars in these wars in the Middle East, and they’re certainly part of what’s bankrupting the country. It doesn’t make sense to stop the wars only to spend similar money investing in the U.S.  What part about the destruction that debt causes do these politicians not understand? It is the free markets job to provide the most prosperity in the most efficient manner possible. Time and time again it has been proven that while not the friendliest method, the free market provides more prosperity more quickly than any other type of economy. American is a prime example; we went from being a colony of protestant and Irish rejects, to becoming the most powerful nation in the world in the matter of a hundred years. Britain lost that top spot by its unhealthy combination of global imperialism and socialist policies that weakened the country to the state it is in today. It is a natural fact that some people will work harder than others. Sure there are natural talents, gifts, etc that set people apart.  But barring any mental or physical disability anyone can make it to the top.  There isn’t room for everyone at the top, but there are only so many people will to work hard enough to get to the top.  Some government program isn’t going to make you the next Bill gates, the next Real Estate Mogul.  Did the government help Apple produce the Ipod? Did the government create the multi-billion dollar industry of Hollywood and other entertainment? Did the government permit Wal-Mart or Home Depot to make one of the most successful capitalist businesses in the world?  All of the things that make this country great come from the people who live in this country, not it’s governing body. And there is the big difference. You either believe in freedom and economic liberty, or you believe that the world is a cruel place without a government program to alleviate your ailments.

When it comes down to it all, here’s how I look at it.  Without these programs like Medicare, social security, Medicaid, people would pay less money in taxes and have money left over to pay for their own stuff. And all these evil rich people might have some money left over to donate to a local charity or a no-cost local health clinic, those exist if you didn’t know.  We’re removing natural selection from the world for what reason? We’re just as much part of nature as anything else, why don’t the same rules apply to us when nature inflicts herself upon us?