Writing a first blog post is probably awkward for anyone.  I’m no stranger to awkward.  Even having some experience now as a radio broadcaster I still get pretty nervous doing anything off-the-cuff or perhaps in front of a crowd.  I’ve always been much better at expressing myself in text.  Time, patience, and planning play varying roles between live and staged performances.  And if you haven’t caught on yet, this is a staged performance.  What takes you a few minutes to read I’ve spent half an hour or more typing.

Cutting to the chase: I love freedom.  I don’t mean to sound like a pants-around-the-ankle type, but I’ve grown ever so fond of responsibility, economic liberty, and personal financial management as I’ve grown up.  I’m only 22, so to many I’m still a kid, I really am indeed.  I’ve yet to think of myself as a grownup, and what I’ve seen so far has taught me that being grown up is a lot of work but at the same time it’s very fun.

Here’s a basic sum-up.  I was only slightly interested in politics until a couple of years ago.  I didn’t care much either way who got elected president in 2008.  Didn’t know much, didn’t care.  I always considered myself a “republican” and I was raised in a conservative household. My grandparents and, as far as I know, all of my immediate family is republican or at least conservative.  Political definitions are for a later date.  I’m a political science major with about a year left to graduate and I plan on posting a rather long blog entry about the confusing modern day usage of political definitions.  Over time I’ve discovered that for the most part my family is actually libertarian as I am.  I’m not a 100% red blooded libertarian, but we’re certainly a lot more liber-al   (key word, liber = free) than republicans.  I strongly believe that at the heart of most republicans is a libertarian who hasn’t found his sea legs yet.

Let me ask you just a few questions to lend you the direction I’m coming from:  You don’t have to answer them, they’re just here to get you thinking.

1 ) Do corporations pay taxes?  If so, where do they get the money from to pay those taxes?

2 ) Would you steal from another person? If not, is it okay for the government to do it?

3 ) Who is your local congressman? Both in the state Congress and the U.S. Congress?

4 ) Why do we tax income?

5 ) Why do we tax it at different rates?

6 ) What type of government do we have?

7 ) How much of U.S. oil consumption comes from the Western hemisphere?

8 ) Who pays income taxes? What percentage of the tax revenue is paid by the upper 40% of income earners? The upper 10%?

9 ) Why are liberals not really liberals?  (Hint: the word has been twisted over years of journalistic fallacy. Liber is latin for free. A bit contradictory.)

10 ) How many high school seniors in public schools do you think could answer these questions accurately?

Well, as you can expect the first post is rather lengthy.  I’ve got plenty of facebook material I’ll be happy to transfer here and hopefully free my friends from a few moments of intelligence. Look forward to semi-regular updates.  This is my first time hosting a website so this is all new and shiny to me.  I hope we all have something new and shiny to look forward to every minute of every day.  Maybe the shiny bit has something to do with my A.D.D.   Who knows?