Reading news articles and political opinion pieces it’s almost mind boggling to see how many people spend all of their time blaming one party or the other for not doing a very good job at creating jobs.

NEWS FLASH:  It’s not the governments job to create jobs. The federal government has an obligation to protect the rights of its citizens. Primarily their personal property and their right to life. There is no right to a job and a damned good reason for it.

I don’t are whether it’s Republicans, Democrats, Independents, bureaucrats, whatever.  Jobs come from the private sector. Government comes from the private sector.  Wealth comes from the private sector. Wealth is EARNED. It’s not something to be distributed or controlled by the progressive income tax system or the redistributive social security system that we have.

Left or right, up or down, government when it imposes taxes, regulations, and rules it simple takes away opportunity cost from the economy. For good or for bad. I appreciate safety and the like just as much as the next employee.

We need to get out of this mentality that it’s our politicians who plot our paths in life.  Whatever your political affiliation you have to let go if you ever want to succeed.  This country is great and it didn’t become great because of the government but because of the lack of it. America is great because of its people and their belief in the American Dream. The idea that man can rule himself and make his/her decision for themselves without the guiding hand of a politician thousands of miles away.