I guess in brighter news the Oil Boom in North Dakota is starting. Very good news for the country. Maybe in 2-5 years we’ll be independent of foreign oil. The Bakken is massive and could provide us enough oil to last us several hundred years. More than enough time for us to find a suitable and affordable replacement for fossil fuels. This is a piece of news I’m particularly excited about. It’s about time we quit sending our capital to Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela, and other countries who want to see our country fall.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see $1.00 or $2.00 a gallon gas again?

P.S. For a little more information, the Bakken has been there and known  about for a long time.  The problem for the last 50 years has been drilling it because it’s so deep.  The reserve is the largest on the earth according to the American Geological Surveyors commission.  New technology has been developed which allows us to drill not only deeper but laterally as well.  Lots of new jobs will be created and hopefully we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil by a large margin.  Not only will this reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but reduce our dependence on off-shore oil which is much riskier than drilling on land.  We know a lot more about the riskiness of drilling off shore due to the tragic oil spill last year.  Not to mention the dangers in transporting oil in tankers.

More oil has been spilled by tankers in the history of oil drilling than any other extraction method has: http://geology.com/noaa/major-oil-spills/