I’m amazed at all the people “boycotting” BP. Not only do all of you lack basic economic awareness, but if you expect for BP to pay for all of this, cutting off their money supply isn’t going to help. 95% of the BP and Amoco stations are owned by taxpaying, law abiding, and responsible individuals and families.

By not buying their gas hurts small families. Not big CEO’s which you so thoughtless demonize as lining their pockets with the hard work of the individual. If anyone pays attention to the stock market, and knows the difference between a profit, and a profit margin, you would know that companies like Disney, Johnson and Johnson, and Apple Inc. make more money per dollar of revenue than the top two Oil companies combined.

American Oil companies also pay an absurd amount in taxes. If you took away JUST Exxon’s Tax burden and placed that upon all the taxpayers to make up for, each taxpayer would owe an extra ~$1200 every year.

Whether we like it or not, we depend on Oil and petroleum for our daily lives. If you put gas in your tank, or keep your house at 72 during the summer, you are one of the individuals responsible for our carbon usage.

If green energy sources were “viable and profitable” free market forces would push them into reality. The problem we face is that green energy sources are not only not equitable yet, but that even the green energy supporting liberals are often the source of the criticism of green growth. California’s recent plight at solar panels were blocked due to environmentalists’ concerns for the desert squirrel and the burrowing owl.

The fact is, more oil is spilled every year by oil rigs transporting foreign oil that lines the pockets of Middle Eastern groups than has been spilled to date by the TransOcean/BP oil catastrophe. Yes, it’s bad. Is it the end of the world? heavens no. The earth has been here for millions of years and somehow all of you people think the last two generations of man are going to render it’s final dying breath. More carbon emissions have been emitted by the two most recent volcano eruptions than all cars and industry in our worlds history.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead and bury your head in the sand. Meanwhile I like millions of other Americans are going to keep driving to work and enjoying my nice cool house.

besides, look around you. If you have any plastic paneling in your car, your house, etc. You contribute to the “problem.” I’m sorry to remind you that we wouldn’t even have a medical industry without plastic made from petroleum byproducts.