This country is full of a lot of discouraged people thanks to the political class of varying affiliations. By and large the statist Democrats and a few of the establishment Repubicans out there.  You can’t, they’re holding you back, etc etc.  America is great because of the people in it and for the freedoms passed on to us from our creator and the laws of nature. Not because the government helped you sell your bucket for 4 times what it was worth.

If you’re an athiest, that’s okay, I don’t think religion should be installed or legislated in government.  However I’m not going to stop a room full of consenting Christians, or Muslims, or whatever. to be pushed around by the one religiously sensitive person in the room.  Shut the hell up and respect the majority of the people who would like to have a little prayer before their water authority meeting. They aren’t holding a knife to your neck and asking you to convert to the necromonger way. (Riddick movie, a sci-fi religion of oppressive imperialists). Can’t you just be glad that a whole room full of people who are so modest and graceful to ask for a greater being to keep a close eye on them and guide them in order to better serve the people they represent? What on earth is wrong with that?
Get over yourself.