Barrack Obama could possibly be the best thing for this country. Quite possibly the best thing to have happened in our nation’s history.

I can only hope that republicans become the “new left.” Most of them are there already. Might as well just make libertarians the new right.

It is so cleverly organized and kept in the shadows that next year will be the largest tax increase in history. Ample timing, naturally. We all know that it is pure brilliance to lock chains to the ankles of an already crippled economy.

Read history. For the sake of the future. If you know anything about the Wilson, FDR, and Carter administrations you will have a revelation. None of this is new. None of these policies hasn’t been tried before. History repeats itself. Unless you learn from the mistakes of yourself, and more importantly, learn from the mistakes of others such that you can save yourselves the hardship of the same mistake.

It is easy to act on emotion. Liberals to is all the time. Once you apply fact, logic, and historical evidence they don’t have a leg to stand on. I’d like to make it clear that liberalism isn’t simply an infection of the democrats or the socialists/communists. In the past century we’ve had one single conservative president. Everyone else has been a progressive, or a progressive-lite.

In government, the solution to a problem is more government. In the private sector, the solution to a problem is jail time, or failure.

The problem is, government never fails. It just tries again, and again, and again, with regard to how short the voters’ memory is.

There is no constitutional right to vote. Look it up.

I can only hope that the actions of the current administration take every liberty they can get their hands on. So that the idiots who have never read the constitution, never read a history book, and went to government schools (like myself. Reading is enlightening) can feel the fresh cold splash of socialism on their faces.

The problem is that liberals are very patient. They will take two centuries to indoctrinate, infect, and control whatever they can take. If you don’t have any inkling of a feeling that it has already happened, you’re stage 4 cancer. Socialism has never happened overnight. Hitler was elected into office in a landslide election. And he and his propaganda artists who studied the Wilson administration slowly took liberties one at a time. If your dog bit off the entire arm of your couch, it might be a big deal. If he scratched a piece off every day. Your reaction isn’t the same. But we let it happen all the time.